How many hands do you need?

We provide transport solutions at locations throughout Europe and we would like to make a difference between ‘unloading’ and delivering. Our drivers have their own unloading equipment and they are personally responsible for their door-to-door shipment.

Years of know-how in transport

With our many years of know-how in transporting our own refrigeration equipment and vulnerable materials, we are able to provide our partners with high quality logistics services. At Bouwman Cargo Solutions, quality always comes first, and we do not hesitate to go for that extra mile.


Our capabilities are very large in terms of transportation.

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Container transport

We have the ability to transport and unload containers up to a maximum of 50 m3.

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Crane transport

The 80-ton faucet has a range of 25m. and even at this distance it has a lifting capacity of 1500kg.

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We look for a solution for various requests.

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